Revelations at Sunrise

Many of you who follow this blog know that this has been a season of waiting for me. I haven’t liked waiting much, but God revealed that waiting for him to shift things around is part of the process. While waiting, I have filled my time with service  — serving as God’s hands and feet as a mentor, teacher, leader, comedienne, and friend. There are a few lessons learned from the waiting process, and I’ll share those later.

Something I haven’t shared is that I chose two words to focus on for 2017 — Flow and Transformation. Why couldn’t I be like everyone else and choose one?  Well, I’ve never been labeled or classified as being like all the rest, so why would this be any different? I chose flow because that’s what I want to do — immerse myself in the moment and engage fully with every experience without distraction. As I study and immerse myself in the word of God each day, I know it will draw me closer to him. A close relationship with him will slowly transform me into who I was destined to be. Transformation will likely be my word for years to come.

Last year and the year before, the word was obedience. I sought to obey God in all things. I fell a bit short in 2015. I usually obeyed the tugs of the Spirit to move, but I was always slow to move. It took me a year to realize that slow obedience is just as bad as disobedience. For that reason, I fully embraced this word for 2016. I guess I should’ve included the word action as well because I was much bolder in 2016 with regard to my ministry. Even using the word ministry was new to me. At first I stuttered a little when using the term, but now it rolls off my tongue. I’m grateful for that shift in mindset. The old mindset just served as a hindrance. This one will propel me into my next bold move.

Finally, this year will be my boldest year to date. I will give birth to my labor or love — a ministry tool that I pray will inspire you to get moving toward discovering and pursuing your purpose. It has blessed me immensely to be given the gift to write what the Spirit has revealed to me. Life is so short, and we only get one shot, so it’s imperative that we live it well.

Top 5 Revelations

With revelation, comes responsibility. ~ Wilfredo “Pastor Choco” De Jesus 

  1. Act now! There’s no reason to wait. Pray for guidance, and the Holy Spirit will reveal truth. Are you listening? Do you know God’s voice?
  2. God’s timing is perfect! You know this already, but you’ll oft times intervene and attempt to speed up the process. This typically ends badly, so erase that thought from your mind, and take a seat. Once things get moving, you’ll be glad you took a breather.
  3. When you ask God for help, he shows up! Resources come from unexpected people and places. God knows precisely what you need, and he sends it. Predicting what that help will look like is like predicting whether the New Orleans Saints will win a single game or go to the Super Bowl again. It’s just impossible…lol.
  4. God is always at work! He reminds me daily that he’s on the job — especially when I start to wonder about the state of things. Everywhere I look, there’s an allusion to waiting. Just before writing this post, I read a poem entitled Waiting on You by a fellow blogger. I was at the salon earlier today, and my stylist showed me a book that she’s reading by Wendy Pope entitled Wait and See. I get it, Lord. It’s not my place to supervise you, but I do appreciate the updates.
  5. Be thankful you have a divine connection. Along my journey, I have always felt God’s presence. Scripture tells me that he sticks closer than a brother. I take comfort in that truth. For those who aren’t tethered to God, we must pray that they are transformed and are moved to seek him while he may be found.

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  1. Your words always speak to me…. well God is speaking through you so Gods words are speaking to me through you. Thank you for your beaytiful blog and your post. I love it as usual and I love the idea of choosing a word or two for the year. I want to use your idea and I want to come up with a word for the year. I have to think hard about my word to come up with a good one. I will let you know what my word is when I come up with a good one. I am gong to share your post on facebook as well. It was just so good. Thanks again.

  2. Reblogged this on My Loud Bipolar Whispers and commented:
    I love this blog full of beautiful and inspirational words. I am going to try to come up with a word for the year too. I will let you know when I come up with a perfect one. It may take a lot of time and thought.but I will let you know what it is and why I chose it, when I get my wod of the year. You will know what i am talking about after you read this post.

  3. I like your two words, flow and transformation. You can not even flow without transforming. When you truly flow, you have to adapt, change, and transform to different situations that are presented before you. If you are truly flowing in the right direction, then transformation involves renewal. We are to renew our minds daily and become more transform in the image and likeness in our Father. I appreciate your messages, and yes, this is ministry. I chuckled a little about your hesitation to say so because that is so like me.

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