Do You Know The Significance of 222?

Good evening, friends! I ran across this post about waiting yesterday, and it resonated with me because I’m in a season of waiting. It might appeal to you too if you’re waiting to be married. Check it out and see how the Spirit revealed a little truth to my friend. May blessings abound! ❤

Lady In Waiting 222

Are you as fascinated with numbers as I am?  As a child, I used to love numbers because my favorite subject in school was Math.

Now….not so much! I have gotten older, I have learned to appreciate the significance of numbers, especially as it relates to
circumstances, God’s promises, scripture, dreams, visions and how the Lord speaks to us.

Hence why this website and blog is called Lady in Waiting 222.

I know. I know.

You are probably wondering what the 222 means (…or maybe not, lol). I promise you it has significance for two reasons. I will share those reasons in a bit concerning these numbers, but first, let me give you a little back story on this number.

A very close friend of mine, for as long as I have known her, has been seeing this number, 222, ever since she was a young girl…

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4 Thoughts

  1. Very profoundly interesting. I had a similar experience with numbers from a spiritual perspective. I know the Lord will deal with us by using numbers. Thanks for sharing this spiritual insight.


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