Life’s Requirements

A blast from the past and still true today! Are you willing to stretch today to meet Life’s requirements?

Principle Michelle

Life  is so demanding. It requires that we eat, exercise, and breathe. If we fail to obey Life’s requirements, we may go hungry, lose our strength, or perish. Life also requires us to tackle our problems head-on. If we’re disobedient and run from them, those same problems will eventually find us, and they typically pick up a few friends along the way that add weight to an already heavy burden.

Adults and children alike sometimes fall victim to Life’s demands and give up in myriad ways. Some over eat to the point of gluttony; others deprive themselves in a failed attempt to appease Life. Some choose to lie dormantand expend as little energy as possible while others exert themselves to the point of injury or exhaustion. There are also those who run from their problems, thinking things will get better in the next town, with…

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