What Do You Believe?

Good Monday morning, friends! I invite you to join me in reflecting on 2016 as it draws to a close. Did you set any goals for yourself or your family? If so, how close are you to achieving them? Did you pray a particular prayer for which you’re still awaiting God’s response? If so, I’m right there Waiting as well.

I set a few personal goals this year that have exceeded my expectations. I’ve grown more confident as a blogger, and my faith in God has increased as a result of many answered prayers, miracles I’ve witnessed, and visions that God has allowed me to see. It’s truly been a bizarre year. Perhaps I was finally ready to receive what God revealed to me this year, but I still have a few questions and a few unresolved issues that are likely to follow me into the new year. I have faith that God will tie up a few of these loose ends, and it’s ok if a few of them drift into the new year. Though I’m unable to see how some of these issues will be resolved, I truly believe that he will once again exceed my limited expectations.

If you’re like me and in limbo about a decision that must be made or you can’t see past the minutiae associated with the problems in your life, please pray this prayer with me and believe with all your might that God is working it out right now.

Father God, I have no control over my current situation, and I lay it at your feet. Please remind me to leave it there and walk away. Have your way and do your will. Lord, prepare me for the outcome — whatever it may be. You’re the author and the finisher of my life; you already know how this will play out. I know that you’re a healer, that you’re faithful, and that you’re mighty. I trust in your promise to go before me. It strengthens me as I move forward. Keep me in your tender care and help me to feel your presence as I battle the giants in my life. Depression, anxiety, cancer, and PTSD are no match for the God of heaven’s armies. Heart disease, dementia, diabetes, and leukemia are no match for you, omnipotent Lord — so mighty in battle. Father, heal every broken heart, settle every looming debt, deflect every fiery dart, and unchain those bound by fear. Allow your Spirit to comfort us  and command your Angels to guard us as we continue to press toward the mark. Use us as your hands and feet to serve your people. Let our lights so shine that we draw others to you, Lord. Equip us to slay our giants and sustain us to keep fighting. In the name of Jesus our provider and the source of our strength…Amen.

I believe in the power of prayer. Won’t you please join me in the comments and add your petitions? What are you faithful that God will wrap up for you? Have you been waiting a while? Somebody’s wait will be over today. Someone’s prayer will be answered in a mighty way, and I look forward to hearing your testimony.

Before you leave, turn up the volume and enjoy my Music Monday selection from James Fortune entitled I Believe. May blessings abound! <3

NOTE – This post is part of a series on Waiting. Click here for the next post in the series.

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  1. “Though I’m unable to see how some of these issues will be resolved, I truly believe that he will once again exceed my limited expectations.” Family’s salvation and living for Jesus fully. YES, Lord God Almighty! Thank you!

  2. Oh this is beautiful..especially the pray to God i have no control i lay it before you. This is so powerful. I did something like this and answers came to assist. Thank you for sharing

  3. Powerful prayer Michelle! I am still waiting for the Lord to bring some breakthroughs in my family and some much needed healing to take place. With the passing of my grandmother, some others “reasons to pray even more fervently” have come to the forefront. Thank you for this beautiful prayer and reminder that even while I wait for Him to answer, He is still so faithful!

    1. The passing of a matriarch can prompt more discord than peace. I’ll continue to stand in the gap until you can write “A.P.” in your journal. God is at work, and a major transformation is on the horizon. Wait just a little longer, dear friend. <3

      1. Indeed, He has already shown His hand in the lives of those in my family and restoration has begun. So glad I was a witness and stand in eager expectation for what else He will do in 2017. This has been a 25+ year old prayer and the promise He gave me that peace was coming was more than 15 years ago!

  4. I needed to read this and pray this today! ” … exceed my limited expectations.” “… unchain those bound by fear.” Thank you Michelle and thank you my beloved Lord and Father!

    1. Thanks, Sis. I’m right there with you. Learning to relinquish what little control I have with my mere human strength has been a life-long lesson. I hate that he has to keep teaching me the same lesson. Prayers of healing and comfort to you and your family…God is able. <3

  5. His promises are Yes and Amen!! I love His Word! My Bible study is going through Romans right now. I can say like Paul that what I want to do, I don’t. And what I don’t want to do, I do. I have to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide me everyday and some days minute by minute! Prayers for you and yours!!

    1. How refreshing to run across another sister who loves the Lord and studies the word incessantly. We truly can’t grow closer to Him if we don’t study his word. Like you, I rely on the Holy Spirit for comfort and to guide me. Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to reading your blog. <3

  6. There is power in prayer. I’m not waiting for anything. I’m confident that God is and will continue to work in my life. I’m prayerful that HE will use me to testify to the masses of HIS grace and mercy. I’m prayerful that HE will continue to watch over and bless me and just be a fence around me and my family.

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