What’s Your Superpower?

Welcome, Work Week! We’ve been waiting for you. For many of us, this will be the busiest week of the year. My to-do list is quite long. I have gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, a tree to decorate, and a house to clean. There are lots of other odds and ends as well, and on days like this, I wish I had a personal assistant or a superpower.

Since I have neither, I have to rely on limited human strength to get it all done. I’m going to rely on my Not-So-Super Power of prioritizing and creating a schedule for the week. I’ll chunk my to-do list into manageable pieces and pray that my dear friend Procrastination doesn’t stop by for a visit.

By Thursday, I should be relatively close to completing my list if I do a little each day. Great plan, right? I think so too.  By Friday, I should be ready for a break — a chance to sleep in, watch The View, and have my brunch in bed. Who am I kidding? I got winded just from writing my to-do list. Besides, my best friend Procrastination just took the Red Eye here. We won’t be doing anything on that list until Friday. Pray for me. May blessings abound! <3

Before you leave today, check out Lecrae. He’s a Dove Award winner who loves the Lord and tells his story through rap music. Enjoy!

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  1. Well, I’m less stressed out than you because I can’t buy presents for everyone, just for immediate family and maybe a few cherished friends. I used to be so generous during Christmas, but hard times forced me to tighten the belt until things finally get better. The tree’s been up since last month. If you’re in the Philippines, once the “ber” months start (SeptemBER, OctoBER…), Christmas season has unofficially started and you won’t seem crazy playing Christmas songs already and decorating your house, even putting up a tree (which is often not actually from a real tree). My best gift comes in the form of prayers–it’s inexpensive, but most valuable.

    1. Wow, you start the season early in the Philippines! I’m not really stressed about gift giving. It’s everything else. We have company coming for a week, so getting the house ready for company takes time. 😊

  2. I think my superpower is survival. LOL! This year I don’t have to do presents or dinner so I am getting off very lucky. BTW, thanks for the intro to Lecrae!

  3. My super power!
    I stroke my friends and family with kindness
    and batt away the blindness
    of people who think they don’t need it
    I smile until they see what they get from me.
    Making me be the best that I can be
    Is the way I roll you see
    Its hard to be cruel to someone
    Who is only ever nice
    It makes them think twice
    maybe it will be contagious
    Pay it forward be outragious
    Who knows what
    this world
    Can be
    If we all
    Climb the
    Tree. X
    My gift to you from the UK to your door a Rap for a Rap. Merry Christmas… the best gift is cheap at half the price. A smile says it all.

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