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Good morning, friends! I spent last evening in reflection. The day began with an answered prayer — encouragement to continue doing what I’m doing with this blog. As I grow stronger in my faith, it’s because God is drawing me closer to him. In every struggle, I feel him there with me urging me to press on. In every triumph over the enemy, I feel his warm embrace.

That answered prayer yesterday led to a message about one’s purpose at my church. My devotional this morning was all about finding out why you were born. To paraphrase, the author said that two of the best days of one’s life is the day you are born and the day you discover why you were born. I must agree with that author. Once you have that little bit of intel, you simply cannot continue running wild. Many are still running in fear and looking for love, comfort, joy, or physical touch. Never underestimate the power of physical touch. I hug a lot, and it’s as much for me as it is for others. Every little thing that you do to shine your light for Christ, saves.

I read a Facebook post last night before bed that made me sit up and praise God. If I could’ve high fived him, I would’ve. He used my former student Joanna as a vessel of his love. She has a beautiful spirit and a gorgeous smile. That’s one of the things I remember most about her when she sat in my tenth grade English class about 10 years ago. Yesterday she learned that the beautiful smile that she offers to everyone who goes through the drive through at her job is life-saving. A customer whose life I know nothing about told her that this meal was going to be her last. She had planned to end her life that very day, but God sent Joanna to work that day to be his hands and feet, and he used her to save this woman’s life. NEVER underestimate the power of God to use you to do his will. No matter what’s going on in your world that seems out of control, there’s a lesson and an invitation to draw close to him.

Accept that invitation and seek him while he can be found. ~Isaiah 55:6

Before you leave today, take a little time to listen to Yolanda Adams’ Never Give Up. It’s an old favorite of mine, but it’s right on time. Share this post with everyone you know on your social media pages and via e-mail. It may literally save a life.

May blessings abound! <3


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  1. OMG this was beautiful (how God used your student)…I dont know what else to say! I needed to read this! I always tell people to give God a try, it may not happen in your time frame but I guarantee you He will answer your prayers!!!

    1. Hey Mimi! I think we’re all serving him in some capacity — whether we realize it or not. Sometimes the purpose is just to raise good kids and be an example of love for them. I love Yolanda’s music too…can’t sing like her, but I sure can lip sync. :/

  2. Awesome testimony of how God uses us. Classic Yolanda Adams is always uplifting! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you so much for this because I’m struggling with life and everything that is going on in it, I got hurt back in June trying to carry to loadsee of wet laundry in a duffel bag on my shoulder. I in up damaging my spinal cord and the white substance that protects it that’s called the mylin is gone.I also damage my thoracic nerve between my breast and my armpit T2,T3,T6 let me tell you it’s been a long journey in my life not being able to work doing what I love, because I work for a company called Adultso with disabilities I’ve been with them for 15yrs and love every moment about it and all the students there. We always have this annual fundraiser every year to raise money to help with supporting all our programsite with fun education activities for students, one of the most important thing to me is the baked sale my family normally donate everything to the bake and we do all the baking and sell it to our fundraiser and the money goes to our cooking classes that we teach our students on making healthy meals for themselves and the look on their faces are priceless, but because of all this pain I deal with all day every day I couldn’t do it and my family couldn’t help, because we are also going through my 40yr old first cousin on hospice with cancer I just needed to get this out all this is waying on me and nobody really don’t know what Im going through but my 21yr old sonBryson and my fiance George ,I just want to smile again and be normal. Thanks Lashanda Smith

    1. Pain can surely steal your joy, Lashanda. It’s a daily reminder that something is not quite right. Sometimes God will slow us down or even stop us in our tracks so that we will listen to him. I wonder what he’s been telling you. Sounds like you have a beautiful family and love. I know you must be thankful for them. Think about other things you can do to serve while you wait for God’s answer to your questions and prayers. I hope you’ll find time to quietly connect with him.

      1. Yes I will because I have always been a work horse ,maybe I might go to my home town Rayne Louisiana and visit my mom and family.

  4. I have realized that the closer I get to God, the closer I get to understanding my purpose. This was a beautiful and timely message, especially with the new year right around the corner.

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    Thank you for your time, it is the most precious thing we all possess.

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