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    1. Hi, thanks for the reblog. I see that you have a new blog. Don’t forget to personalize your About Page and your home page, and then start following interesting blogs. The blogging community is warm and welcoming. Best wishes!

  1. I read the prayer of Jabez, a long time ago! You remind me that I should reread the book! I think it happens to all of us, but we should follow that instinct. For example many people are supposed to pick up the phone or call someone and the next thing you know they have passed away. That’s an extreme example but a very real one.

    1. This is a connection with the Holy Spirit. God wants to connect with us, but we sometimes ignore his gentle whispers. I’ve learned to obey — even when I don’t want to. Blessings to you, Tiffany. <3

  2. I’ve had those moments when I’ve been lazy and not wanting to go somewhere or be around anyone, but go anyway, and then it turns out to be a “gift” in a sense, for me.

  3. One of the things about divine appointments to me is that you have to show up for it! The appointment will be made but you have to show up!

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