No One Else Has My S.H.A.P.E. – Part III

I had a dream a few weeks ago — the prophetic kind, and when the event came to pass, I was saddened by it, but definitely not surprised. It happened again about a week ago, and I’m patiently waiting to see how this one plays out. Many of these dreams happen at the old house in my home town.

Growing up poor for some is a terrible thing, but for me, it was a great experience. It equipped me to endure things that the average person can’t. I also discovered just how deeply God loves me. Living in that old house taught me how to problem solve, negotiate, dream, and pray.

As God continues to gift me in unimaginable ways, he’s using me too — especially through my writing ability, my personality, and my life experience. That accounts for the A, the P, and the E in my unique shape.

S. – Spiritual Gifts

H.- Heart (or passion)

A.- Abilities

P.- Personality 

E.- Experience

Luke 12:48 reminds us of one thing: To whom much is given, much is required. My belief is that we’re required to use our gifts to serve others. Why keep them  to ourselves? It’s impossible to make our world a better place if we don’t actively share our gifts. Perhaps that’s what is lacking in our world — too few of us are willing to share all the treasures that are uniquely ours. Imagine how different our world would be if all the intercessors prayed fervently for everyone each day, and all of the hospitable folks opened their doors to the homeless, and all of the teachers joined forces with our current work force. Can you imagine a world like that?

Today I challenge you to share your gifts with those around you. Who knows? That act may be the answer to someone’s prayer. If you’re still figuring it out what your gifts are, then use your time to serve, and soon you’ll figure it out. I hope this message has been an answer to your prayers. May blessings abound!

Note: If you missed Parts I and II, check them out here.

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  1. Beautiful, i think life shalpes us beautifully if we interact and dont just let it happen. Having less you appreciate more and though times arent though becayse we are experienced. I like the quote from the bible (i am not a bible reader different culture.. but we did read bible at school).

    Luke 12:48 reminds us of one thing: To whom much is given, much is required.

    And i like how you explain… that if we have, then it is oir duty to share.

    I am inspired. Well i hope my blog shares my gift ,

    And when i am out and about ir just at home or work? my smile, my intetactions with others,

    Have a goiod week

  2. I have enjoyed this series. I find that one of the best things church leaders can do is help their congregations’ members discover their spiritual gifts, abilities, passion, etc., so that they can devote their time and energy to the things God has molded them to do.

  3. Such an inspiring post 💝. I do love to share my things out to the needy and I sure have seen the results many times. Good to share and to love others.

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