Better Together

Check out this re-post! As a special treat, here’s the recipe to my famous Louisiana Bowl mentioned in the post. It’s a five-layered breakfast bowl: grits on the bottom, shredded cheese on top, scrambled eggs atop the cheese, home fries or hashbrowns next, and crispy, crumbled bacon and sausage on top. Ca c’est bon!

Principle Michelle

Never underestimate the power of a single partnership. Your ideas coupled with those of another can spark the change we want to see and make a powerful impact in the lives of current and future generations. All it takes is a little willingness to listen, to relate, and to synthesize your ideas to map out a plan that could resuscitate a community, a state, or even a nation on life support.

Change and healing can begin with a simple agreement to work together for the greater good. That’s all it truly takes is agreement on the intended outcome. One such partnership spoke to me today as my husband and I were eating brunch at home. Between bites of butter-laden, fluffy pancakes and my Famous Louisiana Bowl, we tuned in to watch one of our favorite HBO shows On Demand — Real Sports featuring Bryant Gumbel. We don’t get to watch…

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