Better Together

Never underestimate the power of a single partnership. Your ideas coupled with those of another can spark the change we want to see and make a powerful impact in the lives of current and future generations. All it takes is a little willingness to listen, to relate, and to synthesize your ideas to map out a plan that could resuscitate a community, a state, or even a nation on life support.

Change and healing can begin with a simple agreement to work together for the greater good. That’s all it truly takes is agreement on the intended outcome. One such partnership spoke to me today as my husband and I were eating brunch at home. Between bites of butter-laden, fluffy pancakes and my Famous Louisiana Bowl, we tuned in to watch one of our favorite HBO shows On Demand — Real Sports featuring Bryant Gumbel. We don’t get to watch every Sunday, but today we did. I probably watch less than three hours of TV each week, and that’s been my routine for about a year. I watch the news each week day, and on occasion I’ll tune in to HGTV. Most often, I’m working, writing, exercising, or resting.

Today I had the privilege of enjoying time with my husband without interruption and watching what I consider excellent journalism. One of the stories highlighted today was about a woman named Lezlie Hiner who founded a non-profit community-based program that benefits disadvantaged kids in the Philadelphia area. She gave up her power suit for jeans to pursue what I believe is her calling — community outreach, teaching life skills, and saving lives by temporarily taking children from their communities and introducing them to the sport of Polo — an open door to a future they might not have encountered otherwise.

Her story brought me to tears — real tears — because I see her obedience to God’s call on her life. It is evident that her bond with these children, their parents, and the rest of the village is a strong  one that has lasted more than two decades. By mentoring these children and sowing seeds of hope that fell on good soil, she has cultivated young men and women who have promised to mentor others from backgrounds similar to their own.

We, too, are called to do our part — just like Lezlie did. It doesn’t matter how small your contribution is; you just need to contribute. By contributing your time and talents, you are part of the solution to a problem that plagues your city, state, or nation. Remember that Zechariah 4:10 reminds us not to despise humble beginnings because the Lord rejoices to see the work begin. That alone should be catalyst enough to begin the work that the Spirit has beckoned you to do. Always remember that we’re better together. We were not meant to navigate this world alone, and we desperately need each other if we’re going to save it.


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  1. Very nice. If only we could remember; what we consider small, God considers Big because His Kingdom is bigger than we can imagine. If we were to give a co worker a dollar for no reason, just because, they’ll probably think it was sweet. But give that same dollar to a child and you’ll make their day. It’s all in our perspective. Nice word. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. We’re only here for a short time, and we play such a small part by ourselves. Imagine our impact if we all pulled together for the greater good. <3

  2. Hi Michelle,
    We all have a calling. For some reason people think only Pastors have a calling.
    If you find yourself encouraging people all the time then that’s a part of your calling. There are people who would die to hear positive words because they may never had heard them growing up.
    Great post!
    Now what is a Louisiana Bowl?

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    Check out this re-post! As a special treat, here’s the recipe to my famous Louisiana Bowl mentioned in the post. It’s a five-layered breakfast bowl: grits on the bottom, shredded cheese on top, scrambled eggs atop the cheese, home fries or hashbrowns next, and crispy, crumbled bacon and sausage on top. Ca c’est bon!

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