Yesterday marked the end of a six-month journey to know the so-called Forgotten God. It has been a life-changing experience –learning about the Holy Spirit, discovering gifts, and making new friends. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my friend Muriel and I volunteered to facilitate this book study by Francis Chan with a great group of Christian women.  We co-facilitated another book study the year before as well, but there was something powerful about this group of ladies — hungry to know the one to whom we attribute strength as we end our earthly petitions by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The teacher in me wanted to plan each lesson so that we could learn, reflect, and remain engaged throughout each session. The project manager in Muriel wanted to chart our growth from beginning to end with several checkpoints in between. We made a great team with her Data Duty and my Pedagogy Passion.

Yesterday was just like any other Saturday session. We began with a prayer to ask the spirit to lead us. No matter how much we planned, we knew that welcoming the spirit would take us into unknown places where we would discover hidden things that could only be unearthed by the power of the Holy Spirit. As always, he showed up and showed out! We discovered that we didn’t want our time together to end that day. We all felt the tug to continue learning together.  That little group of seven or eight grew by three. Even at the last meeting, we gained a member who decided she wanted to continue learning and growing with us.

We don’t know the plan for our little group, but I’ve learned that we should not despise humble beginnings — especially when we welcome the Spirit. This rebirth may be the start of a small group for ladies in our mega church or a ministry that cannot be confined by those same walls.  All I know is that I trust that we’re on the right path, and I will continue to follow where the Spirit leads.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how things come about sometimes. The Holy Spirit is guiding you and directing your path with this wonderful group of ladies and I bet has something wonderful in store for all of you! I love the names you assigned to you and Muriel too!! 🙂

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