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Prayer is a powerful tool. Developing a routine and finding a quiet space for prayer is essential for harnessing its power in your life and the lives of others. If we follow Christ’s example, he routinely left the crowds and his disciples to find a quiet place to talk to God the Father and to hear his voice. This was his one-on-one time with our Creator.

Similarly, we are able to express ourselves fully when we’re alone without fear of judgement or ridicule. With the noise of the world at a distance, we can focus on the task at hand — one-on-one time with God.  There’s no need to try and impress him with your knowledge of scripture or how adept you are at praying. Just talk to him, thank him, and petition him.

The fewer the words the better prayer.  ~ Martin Luther

Two of the best times for me to pray are first thing in the morning and while I’m driving to work. I have begun each morning in prayer for over 20 years. The time has changed over the years and so has the space, but I have committed to do it each day. A few years ago, I got off track with my routine — choosing to spend that time on the treadmill shaping my reluctant body rather than feeding my hungry soul. Omitting that time from my day was a poor choice, and I soon rededicated my time to shaping my overall well-being by harnessing the power of prayer.

These days, I spend the first 45 minutes of my day praying and reading my bible. I don’t miss a day.  We make time for everything else in our lives — soap operas, reality shows, shopping, and surfing the web.  Why not carve out part of your day to focus on your spiritual growth?

At the beginning of the year, most people resolve to start working out so that their bodies are beach-ready by June. I wonder how many are still working out and prepared to don that two-piece in a couple weeks?  Likewise, I would venture to say that most believers want to go to heaven, and many are living their lives in such a way that when the time comes, they’ll be heaven-ready. Are you one of those people? What are you doing today in preparation for that day?

Devoting just fifteen minutes each day is a great way to start your prayer life. Here are a few steps to get started today:

Step 1 – Choose a time that you can commit to. If you wake up at 6 each day, try waking up a t 5:45.

Step 2 – Say a simple prayer. We don’t really know what God wants us to pray about, but he wants a relationship with you.  You can’t build a relationship without spending some time together.

Step 3 – Read from the bible each day. No excuses. Download the You Version App and start a bible reading plan. It’s interactive, and you can invite family and friends.

Step 4 – Partner up! Invite others to join you in the journey, and spend some time discussing what you’ve learned.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll see a difference in your spiritual growth if you choose to make the time. My prayer is that this message reaches all who need to hear it. I trust that it already has.

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