Pray for Our Leaders

The word of God urges us to pray for our leaders in 1 Timothy 2:1-3. With the state of our current political focus, I find myself praying for God’s will to be done in this situation. In my opinion, there’s no other help for us, so please join me in prayer.

I learned the importance of praying for our leaders years ago, but I admit that I don’t always do it. Today I felt the tug to do so, and I’ll add that to my list and stick to it. My prayer is that all leaders do what’s best for those in their charge without making decisions that are self-serving.

As a school leader, I do my best to serve well — even when I’m physically and emotionally drained. At those times, I pray for myself because I know that I fail in epic fashion when I’m tired.

Here Are a Few of My Petitions:

  1. Lord, bridle my tongue. I know that I’m prone to flippancy when I’m tired, so I need your power to subdue me.
  2. Send me some help. When I pray that prayer, he acts immediately.  Whether it’s a friend who offers a kind word or someone who offers to take something off my plate, I see them as a Godsend.For that and so many other answered prays, I am truly grateful.
  3. Lord, give me words to speak. I find that he wants me to speak more often than I want to speak, so I notice during those times that people actually listen to what I have to say. I’m grateful that those words are his — not mine.
  4. Lord, help me to hear your voice and to feel your presence. Our world is such a noisy place, and God isn’t welcome everywhere. I need to hear him and to feel him near me, and I know that I am safe.

I challenge you to take some time today to add our leaders to your prayer list. All it costs you is a little time. I’m praying for our President and all elected and appointed leaders, commanders in our military, pastors and priests, school leaders, future leaders, and those I may have forgotten.

Who did you add to your list? Take comfort in knowing that your prayer is someone’s answered prayer.

7 Thoughts

  1. A very timely and important reminder about praying for leaders on all levels! So often, when we hear ” leaders” our mind jumps to big like world and national. As individuals we are also leaders by our action so let us lift one another up in prayer today!

  2. Faith is professed with the lips and with the heart, through words & through love.
    Beautiful Post !……….. If you’ll get a bigger vision and believe that you’re well able, God’s going to amaze you with His goodness.

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