Why I Refuse to Judge Any Mother

For most, Mother’s Day has come and gone. I, on the other hand, am still celebrating our moms throughout the month of May by sharing their stories with the world. If you’d like to salute your mom and share a story of lessons learned, drop me a line here.
Today I’d like to salute Katherin’s mom. Katherin is a mother, educator, and blogger. She blogs at KE Garland: Inspirational kwotes, stories and images. Check out her site, but while you’re here, take a little time to read about her lessons learned. Happy Mothers’ May!

K E Garland

My first public blog post…

A few years ago, I attended one of my former high school student’s baccalaureate graduations. Also in attendance was her mom, a single mother of three young adults. She had literally arrived just in time for this commencement, which was 706 miles away from home. She donned a black, sequenced matching shirt and pants. Her luggage was in tow. This scene was typical; she wore her challenges. As Langston Hughes might say, life for her ain’t been no crystal stair.

But still. No matter the situation, this lady was always there for her daughter and her other two adult children. She might be the loudest one in the crowd, but that was because she was supportive. She might have snuck some popcorn into so-called prestigious events, but that’s cause everybody knows that concessions at large events cost too much.

I watched her quite a…

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