Mothers’ May – 5/1/16

Happy May Day and the start of Mothers’ May! Yes, I coined the name, but feel free to use it, and perhaps it’ll catch on. Today I’d like to salute my mother Shirley for always knowing what’s best for me. Even when I thought I was smarter than she, I eventually realized that I still had  a lot to learn.

As I spend a little time with her in the Deep South while she recuperates, I’ve noticed that I’ve morphed into her–suggesting what she should wear, combing her hair, and preparing meals that taste just as good as they look. I’m grateful to be able to serve (alongside my cousin Monique and my Aunt Joanna) to insure that Shirley is up and running before too long.

Check out a re-post from my recent series that illustrates just how fortunate we are to have our mommas.

Mama Knows Best

If you’d like to celebrate your mom during Mothers’ May, click here, and I’ll share your story with the world.


14 Thoughts

    1. I’ve been told that it feels like a part of you goes with her. There’s no stronger bond. Praying that in time, your heart will mend, Lori. Feel free to write a guest post. I’d love to celebrate your mom.

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  1. Hi Michelle,

    ‘Mother’s May’ made me smile, it has a beautiful ring to it.

    I pray your mum gets well soon, may God be with her as as recuperates.

    You are so right, we spend most of our lives thinking we know better than our mums and by the time we realise it we’ve grown into our mums, as we pick up their mannerisms and habits ever so gradually, we barely notice the transformation! XD

    My mum gives the best advice, we disagree sometimes though. Lol

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    1. Thanks for your kind words, Rick. I wish I could take care of her every day, but I live in Maryland, and she lives in Louisiana. If you feel so inclined, I welcome you to write a tribute to your mom as well for my little Mothers’ May project.


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