Celebrating Mom in May

Mother’s Day is May 8th — a day to celebrate all moms across this beautiful planet. Instead of waiting until then, let’s just start a little early. Now, I’m an only child and tend to be a bit selfish at times, but not this time. I want to share this space with all of you by sharing your stories about why your mom is so awesome.

Whether she’s still here on Earth or with you in spirit, trust and believe that her influence has stayed with you. In an effort to share a little laughter, love, and life lessons, drop me a line by clicking here. You can write a short (or long) post about anything that salutes your mom, and I’ll publish it here — one post per day. Share the link on your social media sites to spread the laughter, love, and life lessons throughout the month of May.

I’ll start us off with a repost tomorrow entitled Mama Knows Best, but I really want to hear your stories.  Remember, our stories unite us, so why not learn a little about each other as we salute our moms.

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  1. Awesome post, my Mom is still with me, though I lost my grandmother, whom I was raised by, a few years ago. It took a long while to build a good relationship with my Mom. But now that we have, it’s hard to imagine life without her.
    Mother’s Day here in Uk was March 26th, two days before my birthday. So I get to celebrate twice because I’m also observing the traditional Mother’s Day of May 8th 😉

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      1. My schedule may not permit as you may be aware that I’m taking break from WP. 🙂 My kids are having exams, so it equates to me taking exam too! LOL! I’ll only be back to posting around mid May. I guess it’ll be too late for your project.

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  2. It’s a little late in the month but it’s still May! I am so fortunate to have the mother vi do. She’s still living – 83. She always knew I had to go places. Things to do. Dreams to grab. Life around me was always changing. It still is even though I am now almost 62. She’s my best friend. We can talk for endless hours. Last month she had a stroke. It’s been slow going but she has a lot of faith and determination in her Buddhist practice of 27 years, to overcome the mountains she has to climb. She was very active but now has a lot of loss on the right side of her body. She teaches me courage and to have patience. There are those that think they can and those that think they can’t – and they are both right. You have to believe, with no doubt, that you will still have a happy life of value, even if your life might not be exactly the same. There is a reason for everything. You reap what you sow. The law of cause and effect. She has diabetes, and it caused this stroke because of the type of blood vessels it affected. So many people have diabetes and think all they have to do is keep their sugar in line and don’t think of the other damage it does and don’t do enough to change what they eat. So if this could be you -or your mother – go the extra mile to be more preventative.


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