Angels Among Us

There have been many times in my life when things worked out just as I had imagined, but there have also been times when I’ve been sorely disappointed.  Something I wanted or thought I deserved just didn’t come to fruition. With age comes Experience, and Experience is a master teacher. I’ve learned from her that sometimes those things I wanted or felt I deserved were meant for someone other than me. Experience has also taught me that sometimes those disappointments have protected me from peril or prepared me for something greater than I could have imagined. As I reflect on some of those disappointments and missed opportunities, I realize that a power greater than I was at the helm — steering me in the right direction toward my destiny.

A few weeks ago, a coworker stopped me in the hallway. We usually just exchange pleasantries and keep going. Today she said that she had thought about me over the weekend. I couldn’t imagine why, but I stood there long enough to hear her share her story.  She said that she was driving someplace over the weekend, and she was pulled over by a county police officer. She admitted that she was speeding and didn’t have a good reason for doing so. “With my luck, I knew I was going to get a ticket.” Instead, she got a firm warning and was allowed to leave.  At that point, I still hadn’t made a logical connection to me. She said, “I remember you telling me to look for the silver lining — even in disappointment.” I truly don’t recall having that conversation with her, but I do acknowledge ministering without realizing it at times. She went on to say that God must’ve been protecting her from something. Now, I don’t know this lady well, but I do know that she believes in God’s power of protection. I’ve noticed that He orchestrates divine appointments like this one when I need to feel his presence in places where society doesn’t want him to dwell.

If I look back at my encounter with a rattlesnake nearly 30 years ago, when I decided to go Off the Path and cut through the Mojave Desert, I wouldn’t have known about this imminent danger if I had not dropped my Walkman in the sand. I had veered off the path physically and spiritually by allowing all sorts of distractions to take my focus away from God. Though my mind was elsewhere, His was on me — protecting me from harm.

Psalm 91:11 reminds us that God will command his angels concerning us to guard us in all our ways.

I think he commands those angels to come to our rescue more often than we know.  Think of how different your life might be if not for God’s protection and love for you. Some people attribute their fortune to luck or happenstance, but I’d have to respectfully disagree.  All I can say is that when you know the truth, you must share it with others. If the truth really sets you free, why on Earth would you allow yourself to be held in bondage by lies?

Today I am thankful that I am free to serve a loving God who slows us down when we’re speeding and protects us from harm when we can’t see it. I’m especially thankful for the angels in the RV Park in my hometown who obediently answered God’s call yesterday to assist a Senior who had fallen as she walked home. God’s timing and their action saved her life. As I prayed for them and for her, I knew God’s will would be done, and I sought comfort from the Holy Spirit. Feeling helpless, I turned to the only help I know and waited to hear his voice.

When my phone rang seconds later, I knew he had heard my cry and the Spirit had interceded as well.  That Senior — my mother — was alive and on the mend. It wasn’t luck or happenstance. It was God commanding his angels to move. Surely you might mistake miracles for luck if you have never witnessed the creativity of our Creator. No two miracles are ever the same. Each one is unique. You might even misunderstand the plot line of your life if you don’t know the author and finisher –seeing your life through a clouded lens. Someone else will see the beauty and pray for half as much as you’ve been gifted with.  If you are to live life to the full, I beg you to open your mind and heart and get to know  the great I AM, the source of our help, and the Commander of Angels. Acknowledge that he truly cares for you and can do all things but fail.

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  1. Beautiful message Michelle. I agree with you about disappointments. Sometimes, I feel sorely put out when something I have been holding out for doesn’t work out that way, but all the time, it has always turned around for my or my family’s good.

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