I Can Be A Little Punk Sometimes

I read so many beautiful Easter posts today. Some were already celebrating the fact that the grave is empty. Hallelujah! Others wrote about the overwhelming feelings associated with the crucifixion. That breaks my heart again and again. My journey this holy week has taken me hither and yon between the extremes on a road that’s pocked like our post-winter highways. Those holes represent times in my life when I’ve fervently prayed for those who are lost. They either strayed from God or never knew him to begin with. Either way, they were in a jam that nobody but Jesus could get them out of. After all, he is the way (John 14:6).

As we enter this new season, the road work is beginning. Most of the holes get patched up, and there’s hope for a smooth ride for a while. Some holes still remain though. Similarly, the prayers of the faithful will eventually draw the lost back to Christ, and they will experience God’s goodness, and his praise will continually be on their lips (Psalm 34:1). Some prayers that are answered don’t result in non-believers believing. That’s the tough part about praying — getting an answer of “No” or “Not yet” from the One who can do all things but fail (Luke 1:37). ย Even still, we must pray because God has a tendency to change his mind (Exodus 32:14), and that “No” or “Not yet” can become “Yes” in an instant.

There’s one thing I know for sure. Nothing can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:35-39). Read it for yourself; don’t just take my word for it. As I was thinking about my Easter post, the good Lord was on the Ones and Twos again. This time the song playing in my head all day today was an upbeat number by Hollyn (featuring Tru), and it’s called Alone. In this song, she rocks and raps about the love of our Lord. She knows (like many of us) that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ, but she also knows that we’re sometimes guilty of pulling away from him. She begs God not to leave her alone, and through her verses, she makes an unexpected confession.

I can be a little punk sometimes! ~ Hollyn

Like Hollyn, we can all be a little bratty at times. God says “Move,” and we say “Not yet.” He says “Change your ways,” and we say “But I’m having so much fun. I’ll change tomorrow.” For some, tomorrow doesn’t come, so it’s best to be obedient now. Listen for His voice above the noise of the world and obey. Don’t be like Pharaoh. Now, he was really a punk (and that’s another story altogether).

The bottom line here is that we need thee. Oooh, we need thee. There’s nothing like a good hymn to get you back on track, but if you want to bob your head a little, press play and get ready to shake a tail feather.

Happy Easter!

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  1. A good morning message! At church last night we talked about the times we walked or ran away from God. As gentle witnesses we can work together to turn hearts toward God. Easter blessings!

  2. Michelle this has been a lovely visit. I have enjoyed your post and testimony. I praise God with you celebrating Easter and thankful for our redemption. I have not heard Hollyn before, what a sweet sweet voice. Thanks for posting the video, I enjoyed it. I hope we meet again.

  3. Wow – I reeeeeally needed to hear this song! Thank you for sharing this Michelle, and for reminding me that He never leaves us alone – even though we can ‘be a little punk sometimes!’

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