Lady in Waiting

Waiting is so difficult in this pop tart world of ours. We want it now — whatever it is, and if we can’t have it now, we want to know why. Take a few moments to read Charlene’s blog entitled Ladies in Waiting. She is a servant leader and my mentee. She will offer you practical advice and encouragement as you learn to embrace your singleness. Even if you’re married, check out her blog. God may just use you as an instrument of encouragement in the lives of other Ladies in Waiting.

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  1. Wow thank you Michelle for sharing this! This literally came out of nowhere yesterday and I couldn’t move away from it until I finished writing. So it’s time to get to writing! I pray that any woman- single, married, separated, divorced or widowed can benefit from those who will share on this site, including you! Thank you for your support! It means more than you know!

    1. You know how much I love and respect you. It just makes me smile to see you walking your talk. The spirit will not allow you to birth ideas and sit on them. He will reveal the truth of the matter to you — it’s not about you; it’s about all Ladies in Waiting. P.S. You know I will gladly pen a post or two. 🙂

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