Challenge Accepted!

My friend Mescalime issued me a challenge, and I love challenges, so I accepted.  It’s a three-day quote challenge.  Many have accepted it, so I’m excited (actually a little giddy) to see which quotes resonate with others, and I plan to pull out three of my all-time favorites. Coupled with each quote, I’ll share an anecdote as well.

One of my favorite quotes is a Chinese Proverb:

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

Another challenge I accepted on the first of the year is a bible study — a year-long bible study.  Now, that’s a challenge in obedience.  I always aim to be obedient, so I jumped right on that one.  A few of my childhood friends, their friends, a couple of my high school classmates, and a sorority sister or two are all part of this bible study.  It has been meticulously planned by our friend Desiree, and we had our first conference call a few nights ago.  Wow!  When I say that the spirit of the Lord was with us, the statement pales in comparison to the bright light flowing out of each of us that night. I can hardly wait to chat with them again.

Now, how does this anecdote apply to the quote? It’s simple, actually.  I have never read the bible in its entirety. I’ve always had the desire, but it always became a chore.  I was overwhelmed because each time I attempted what seemed like an insurmountable journey, I did it alone.  Not once did I consider partnering with anyone.  I attribute that to my arrogance, ignorance, or naïveté. Whatever the case, that is no longer the case. I partnered with Desiree, and now we have a village of believers — all seeking to know God more. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

Here’s a peek into what makes this study unique for me. I listen to the word of God the first time around.  Then I look at it closely — a strategy I’ve pulled from my teaching toolbox.  I read, highlight, and annotate things that resonate with me as well as verses I have questions about. Finally, when we get together as a group, we discuss our Aha moments and answer all those questions that we’ve posed.  That’s when we truly get to experience the power of partnerships.

Every time I have tried to read the bible in the past, I’ve missed so many hidden treasures that were in plain sight. Now I understand so much more because I’ve partnered with like-minded ladies who all have the same goal — building a stronger relationship with God. I think we’re on the right path.


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  1. In our “do” oriented society, I too recognize the truth in the Chinese proverb. Reading through the Bible, cover-to-cover every year had been a gratifying accomplishment. But studying with a group of neighbors, all coming from different backgrounds and religious systems, I too discovered many of the treasures I’d missed before. Those are the gems we can relish – and not gain an ounce of weight! <3 That's a well-stocked toolbox you draw from, my friend!

  2. This is the true age of enlightened as many of us try to become more spiritually awakened and more connected to the source. Well done , Michelle!

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