You’re a Lifesaver

We have all been in a situation where someone came to our aid just in the nick of time. Without the assistance or sound judgment of that person, your situation may have gone South (as they say).

I’ll digress for a few seconds just to say that going South is a wonderful experience! If you’ve ever visited the great state of Louisiana during Mardi Gras or attended any of the hundreds of festivals there, you know that going South is an experience you won’t soon forget. So, let’s throw that idiomatic expression to the wolves, please and thank you.

Now, let’s get back to saving lives.  The last time I visited my folks down south, I had a wonderful time.  I ate way too much, exercised far too little, and let the good times roll every single day. When it was time to leave, I drove my rickety rental to the airport–only to discover that things had changed a little.  The rental car return area had moved. At first, I got a little nervous, but I quickly collected myself. It was 4:30 in the morning, and I still had plenty of time to get in and get settled.  I could figure this out.

So, I exited the terminal and came back around. I saw a sign this time that directed me to the rental car return area. Actually, I had seen the sign the first time but chose to ignore it.

The mind of the prudent is  ever getting knowledge, and the ear of the wise is ever seeking knowledge. ~Proverbs 18:15

Perhaps it was a wee bit early for me to be seeking knowledge. but I was quickly schooled on following directions. By this time, it was 4:45, and I found the rental return lot. When I got there though, I realized that there wasn’t a shuttle waiting for me, and the trek to the terminal would’ve taken me about 10 minutes if I walked quickly. It was dark, foggy, and  creepy. Every critter imaginable was beckoning me (and some daring me) to leave the safety of the lot (which by the way, reminded me of a scene from a horror flick).

That’s when I saw a truck with its high beams on slowly drive up to me. Immediately, I was in fight or flight mode. I didn’t just stand there, and I certainly didn’t run. You know what happens to the girl who runs in those horror movies. I wasn’t about to fall and get devoured, kidnapped, or turned into a human centipede. So, I grabbed my luggage and headed south toward the terminal. The truck followed me. I picked up the pace. The mosquitoes and frogs got bolder with their dares, but I shook it off. I was in warrior-mode. Just as I was planning my next move (in case Stranger Danger decided to get out of the truck), I heard my name. “Michelle, it’s me!”

It was my dad–just in the nick of time. He had come to the airport to see me off. Boy, was I thankful!  He drove me to the airport, and we got to spend a little quality time together before my flight. He was truly a Godsend and a lifesaver.

Has anyone saved your life this week? If so, make a point of thanking them.

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  1. Love your writing Michelle and your heart. I am thankful for those just in time moments. Truly thankful for the many I have already experienced this year and how you have supported in those moments with the perfect words and encouragement.

    1. Are you posting from the tub? I thought I suggested you take a bubble bath. You’ve earned it! Thanks for the continued encouragement. I think you’re just the person we needed to bring some balance to our team. We are stronger, wittier, and more supportive of each other. I admire you, Amy (and that’s big). 🙂

  2. What a wonderfully written, and delightfully unpredictable story! This is probably not the best time to tell you I liked the title Going South for the book I’ve been working on. : D

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