What Should I Do Today?

There’s this song that I love by Bruno Mars called The Lazy Song. It describes me to a tee by the time Friday rolls around each week. Like most folks, I exert a great deal of energy during the week, so by the time Friday gets here, I’m tuckered out.

I try to write something every day, but there are times when I can’t even write — not because I have writer’s block, I just can’t put together a simple sentence.  So a compound sentence or compound complex sentence is out of the question. That’s when I know I just need a break–a little time to do nothing at all.

What I typically do is grab the remote and watch all of my DVR’d stuff:  Y&R, Scandal, Empire, and random shows from HGTV. I’m usually multi-tasking too — chatting on Twitter, lurking on Facebook, and shopping online. Seems like the only time I’m truly focused on one thing is when I’m writing.  I take it very seriously because I want to do it well.  I truly try to do everything well, but I miss the mark on a couple things, but I’ll keep those to myself and sip on this tea.

Something else I like to do when I’m not writing is read, listen to music, and sing a little. Well I actually sing a lot — usually when I’m cooking or doing other domestic duties. For the most part though, when I chill out, I focus on whatever makes me happy.  If I want to get my nails done and get a massage, that’s what I do. As they say, ” Happy wife…happy life.” Today (and every day), I choose to be happy.


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  1. I like this my wife has a slight variation on your theme. She says when the queen is unhappy the whole kingdom is unhappy.

  2. I loved this post! That was my Friday as well! I will try to make this weekend more productive with the writing. Sometime you just need a mental break and simply sing Bruno’s song!

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