Things I’ve Learned I Love

When writing this blog, I was given a choice between Things I like, Things I’ve Learned, or Things I Wish — all very tempting, but I used the process of elimination.  I immediately got rid of Things I Wish. I don’t wish very often, but my prayers are fervent ones, and eventually they get answered. The other two choices are more telling. They offer some insight into what makes me smile or what I value, so I decided to combine the two.

Things I’ve Learned I Love

(limited to ten)

  • Flip flops — If I could wear them year-round, I would, but my tootsies get cold.
  • Get Aways (Long or short — it really doesn’t matter.)
  • Quiet time
  • My family — every single one!
  • My small circle of trusted friends
  • Broccoli — Don’t know how I managed to sleep on this one. That stuff is good!
  • Snow Days – If you work in education or government, you get it.
  • Comfort Foods (i.e. Gumbo, chili, sausage & potatoes, jambalaya, broccoli)
  • The Elderly, Dogs, & Babies (in that order)
  • Life – Consider the alternative.

I challenge everyone to create a list today of things you’ve learned you love. Share your thoughts here.  I’d love to see them.

9 Thoughts

  1. Love this. I have learned to love myself my strengths and my shortcomings. In my strengths I’m able to hell build others up and love them. In my shortcomings, I have learned to accept, appreciate, and love those who surround me to mentor me and to help me grow through those shortcomings.

    1. Powerful response, Amy! I love how you use your strengths to build others’ capacity. In addition, you’re able to allow others to see your vulnerabilities so that you can be built up.

  2. I learned to love prayer and being grateful and thankful for what I have, I also learned to love spending time on my way to work with Jesus.

  3. The latest things I’ve learned that I love are a long, fuzzy fleece robe, a microwaveable heating pad, and mint-scented candles.

    1. What you just described sounds like a little bit of heaven, Jamie. Now I need to make a trip to Yankee Candle for new candles. Thanks for reading, and thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Love all of these! They are keeping me super motivated and on my toes as I think through the reflections/questions! Things I have learned to love: to laugh even when nothing is particularly funny, sunrises, the beauty of being, prayer, God’s Word, (growing to love divine interruptions because before I used to call them inconveniences), quality time and talks with my parents and impromptu plans/meetups with friends and loved ones (for someone who is a planner, this is huge!). I will continue pondering this…

    1. It’s so important to figure out what brings you joy as well as taking time out to insert those things into your daily life. We need sunrises, laughter, and divine appointments to make us feel as though we’re a part of something bigger. We exist because we matter.

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