Greatness is Hiding Under Your Bed

As a child, I used to journal. You remember the cute little pink or floral-patterned journal for girls with a lock and key?  I had one of those. I didn’t have any deep, dark secrets back then, but my thoughts were my own, and I wanted to keep it that way. I hid it in the back of my sock drawer–far away from prying eyes.

Now that I’m older, I still write as a means of cataloging my life’s work. I’ve met some wonderful people and experienced some great things as a teacher, instructional coach, and now lead learner in my very large middle school. I have a growth mindset, and for that reason, I want to be as transparent as possible about my challenges, successes, and flat out failures. I’ve chosen blogging as the vehicle for reflection.

As I reflect, my hope is that my readers will encourage me to write more about topics that interest them, but I also hope that they will engage in dialogue with me and share their take-aways from every day experiences.  Additionally, I want us all to grow together as a community of learners spanning the globe. That’s not asking much, is it?

All I know is that no one achieves greatness alone, and you definitely can’t impact the lives of others with your writing if it’s kept under lock and key in a box under your bed wedged between shoes and dust bunnies. Forget about judgment and failure. Jesus was judged, and failure is inevitable.  What you do after that epic fail is what matters most.

We were born to be real — not to be perfect.

Will you get back up again and again? I did, and I always will.

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  1. Guilty as charged. Took me a long time to learn that people want you to be real, not perfect. I, too, had a journal with lock and key and as I was reading this, one of the reasons I had stopped writing for a while was because someone stole my journal (a boy that apparently liked me at the time), opened it and shared it and I was so hurt by it. People need to hear our stories because people probably learn more from failure than success. I will continue writing. It is and has been my saving grace! Cheers to you M!

    1. Thanks for your continued support, Charlene! I know you have so much to share. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect! P.S. I’m taking a Blog U class, so the frequency of my posts will be a little more often than I planned. 🙂

  2. I still have my little diary which I read every once in awhile for a good laugh. Lol!

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