Welcome to Principle Michelle — a safe space for building better lives, better schools, and better communities. This site is a fusion of storytelling, coaching strategies, and workshops that use biblical principles to get you closer to God’s vision for your life. 

As part of Better Twogether, LLC, Principle Michelle works specifically to break down barriers between parents and their teens that prevent them from clearly seeing and hearing each other. Often times those barriers must simply be razed; and in their place, bridges can be built to allow the free flow of communication between parents and their children resulting in peace, joy, and order in their homes.

Principle Michelle incorporates the word of God in the tools and strategies used by our Certified Parent Empowerment Coach Michelle Harmon-Malone and her team of veteran educators. Coach Michelle is also the author of The Parenting Playbook: Beginning with the End in Mind. In this text, she offers a divine blueprint for parents to support their journey through the middle school years.

Specifically, our aim is to empower Moms of Middlers and High Schoolers (MOMAHS) to navigate those tricky middle years from home to school successfully while preparing them for the road ahead. We espouse the sentiment best articulated in Ecclesiastes 4:9-10. Two are better than one because they have a greater return for their labor.

Our support starts with families and extends to schools and communities through our personalized webinars, workshops, community builders, and speaking engagements. If better lives, better schools, and better communities are what you desire, we have a blueprint for you. Access our contact page by clicking here so we can become Better Twogether.

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